Vintage Industrial Homewares is an independent online store - the company was set up 2 years ago with a view to supplying handmade industrial furniture like our pallet coffee tables and reclaimed wood kitchen tables each pallet coffee table is reclaimed, dismantled, reconstructed, then sanded and waxed by hand creating a totally unique pallet coffee table - one that tells a story bearing the stamps and scars of having travelled around Europe on a journey that ends in your living room. The result is a table with history.

The tables are dismantled reconstructed to create a much more slim and rectangular 'Lounge friendly' coffee table.

The idea being that we only sell stuff that we would have in our home like are original art prints. - so we've gone about sourcing a unique and affordable collection of goods hand crafted with care and built to last.

Our range includes Homewares, art and lifestyle goods. We are constantly keeping your eyes open for cool original stuff that puts the finishing touch to any home and so now if we find something great when we are on holiday or sifting through the hundreds of blogs we read. we try to find out about it see if we can sell it. Like our brand new Letter Lights - Coming very soon! These wonderful metal letter lights really do put the 'Wow Factor' into any room. The rusty industrial metal works perfectly with the naked light creating a cosy yet very stylish 'low light'. these super stylish lights are the perfect home accessory.

please contact us for further details.Vintage style letter lights enable you to have your own initials, words, expressions, or monograms that illuminate! Reminiscent of Las Vegas hotel signs, circus lights and fairground ride lighting of years gone by. Letter lights look truly stunning and can transform any room at home or event and create a unique focal point. Choose any individual letter from the alphabet and create your own words or name in lights.

We hope you enjoy.